I've heard other photographers speaking about "staying relevant" and it has always made me scratch my head. Relevant to whom, exactly? This art, this adventure we have chosen, it is not defined by likes, faves, commentary or recognition- never has been, never will be. It's a long game.


One day, you and I will both stop creating images, whether we want to or not. Time will see to that. And when you do, what do you want your art to have become? What will be the point of it? Personally, I hope inspiration to others. Not inspiration to photograph, mind you, or even to venture to certain parts of the world- but inspiration to appreciate life itself. Sunlight filtering through foggy trees, quiet times spent by soothing waters, starry nights above... So many sacred, miraculous moments that you will be lucky enough to savor for your brief spin on this watery rock, if only you remember to do so. 


Creation itself is an act that needs to have no final destination in mind. (Indeed, it is often more productive if unguided.) What is the point, exactly, of sticking your toes in warm sand, or stealing a kiss? It feels good, and that is enough. Let it be enough for your creativity as well. An artist is a person who is in love with the world, and art is the expression of that love.

How could love ever cease to be relevant?